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Cheap Refurbished Desktop Computers

A Cheap Refurbished Desktop Computer offers a better alternative to a retail one. The first thing customers will notice is the price difference. Refurbished Desktop Computers are far cheaper than their retail counterparts. The specifications for these computers will be different as well and lastly, All Refurbished Desktop computers that you order will come with Windows 10 pre-installed. This is something SJ Computers does for its customers for free. We want to make sure customer happiness reaches new heights.


Is it OK to Buy a Refurbished Desktop Computer?

SJ Computers restores Desktop computers to their original factory setting. [read_more id=”17″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]We make sure each component of these computers is in working order. All Refurbished Desktop Computers come with Windows 10 pre-installed.These devices have been certified to work just as well as a new desktop computer does. All Refurbished Desktop Computers that come with an SSD get a one-year warranty from us.

What is the Difference Between Renewed and Refurbished computers?

A renewed desktop computer are computers which are sold in a condition that is “as good as new” whereas a refurbished desktop computer implies that a computer has been restored to its original default setting before being sold. Refurbished Desktop Computers are tested thoroughly beforehand to ensure that they are in working condition. SJ Computers are certified Refurbishers. This implies that this is a better indication the item we are selling is in pristine working condition. The thorough evaluation process is the reason why our products are in top-notch condition.[/read_more] [/wcsaltasotto]

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