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Refurbished Computer Towers

SJ Computers offers a large selection of Refurbished Computer Towers. These towers come in three types. This includes the mini-tower, mid-tower, and Full Tower.  Below are the specifications for each of the Refurbished Computer towers. Each clearly illustrates how much space they have. SJ Computers recommends the Refurbished Full Tower as It can easily house all your hardware components you can install dual-slot graphic cards with ease. [wcsaltasotto]

Types of Refurbished Computer Towers

Generally, computer tower form factor comes in three sizes i.e., Full Tower, Mid-Tower, and Mini Tower. [read_more id=”31″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]SJ Computers only offers the Full Tower/Mid-Tower and Mini Tower for its customers.
The Full Tower Computer tower can easily support all three form factor motherboards. As you go down the form factor chassis the ability to house the larger mobo decreases. The full tower form factor for the Refurbished Computer tower is best for an upgrade as they have the highest amount of expansion slots. You can store more than 6 HDDs, 4 SSDS, Two Dual Graphic card slots, and numerous case fans for ventilation. The 5.25 Drive bays are for Optical Drives. These are external. 3.5 Drive bays are for HDD. 2.5 Drive bays are for SSDs.

Why Choose Full Tower Form Factor?

A Refurbished Full Tower is perfect for Customers as It lays the foundation for many users who want to upgrade their components in the near future. The ample amount of space allows you to add multiple hardware components to your system build.
Any  Refurbished Desktop computer that comes in the Full Tower Form Factor is the best. It allows you to add and upgrade your computers to your heart’s desire. The tremendous amount of space creates a vacuum that lets hot air vent faster. SJ recommends these Full Tower Refurbished Desktop Computers:

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