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Refurbished Windows 11 Laptops

SJ Computers offers numerous Refurbished Windows 11 Laptops. We sell Dell, HP, and Lenovo Refurbished Laptops. All laptops that have an SSD present in them incur a one-year warranty automatically from us. Windows 11 is a new Microsoft experience, bringing you close to what you love. With immersive navigation and easy accessibility, Windows 11 has a new look, more apps, and an effective way to be productive.


Is Upgrading to Windows 11 Worth it?

At the moment, there are many similarities between the two versions of the Microsoft operating system. [read_more id=”13″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] So many customers might think to stay on the previous iteration. The speed difference alone can be a factor for many customers switching to newer windows. The new operating system fully integrates with laptop hardware to pool more memory and data toward a user-friendly experience. Furthermore, Android applications can easily run on your laptop because of the operating system.

Is Windows 11 Free for Laptops?

Customers who are running Windows 10 on their laptops will get an option to upgrade to Windows 11 for free. However, Windows 11 does have hardware requirements to fully work. That is why SJ Computers are offering Refurbished Windows 11 laptops that meet these hardware limitations. We also pre-install the latest version for no extra charge. Speed and design are what make Windows 11 an amazing operating system.

Why TPM 2.0 is important for Windows 11?

TPM: Trusted Platform Module Version 2. If your device does not meet this requirement, you will not be able to use Microsoft Windows 11. This is an essential building block for security-related features.
Customers who are facing this dilemma can always purchase our Refurbished Windows laptops that come with TPM 2.0 and meet all the requirements mentioned above.[/read_more] [/wcsaltasotto]

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