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Refurbished Computer Monitors

If you are looking for a quality monitor for home or office use, SJ Computers got you covered. A refurbished Computer monitor lasts around four to five years depending on your use. Our huge lineup of refurbished computer monitors includes HP, DELL, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, BTO, and Acer refurbished monitors.  As always, we offer a three-month money-back guarantee and free expedited shipping on all orders. For residents of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa, we offer free next-day expedited shipping and delivery. Adding a refurbished Computer monitor with a Refurbished Desktop Computer you can avail more savings.


What types of Computer Monitors does SJ Computer sell?

Computer monitors come in three types. [read_more id=”23″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] The CRTs have become obsolete due to their bulky size and use of mercury. Instead, the most common type of monitors in the market today includes LCD and LED monitors. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. These come in compact sizes and consume less electricity. A Laptop is fully compatible with an LCD screen. The image resolution of LCD is average as the Image resolution of LED displays is far superior. LEDs are the future of Computer Displays. These monitors produce images of higher contrast and have zero impact on the environment when recycled. More durable than LCDs and CRTs. They also come with a thin design and produce much less heat. Being aware of different types of computer monitors always helps.
Depends on what model you choose, but almost all newer Refurbished Computer Monitors by SJ Computers come with an HDMI and DisplayPort as standard.

What is the best monitor for me?

Refurbished Computer Monitors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. SJ Computers offer a huge selection of Refurbished Monitors. Here are several models we consider to be the best. Each model comes with its power cord and a three-month warranty. HDMI cables are sold separately.[/read_more] [/wcsaltasotto]

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